The Correct Change

Today, I was in Walgreens picking up a few items.   It was my turn at the counter and the cashier punched in my items and the total appeared on the screen.  I gave her a pleasant smile as I looked into her eyes.  She had a familiar look about her.  Her face was red and puffy and I could smell a hint of alcohol as she sighed.  I say familiar because I’ve had that look before.  I’m certain that I spent the entire decade of the 90s with at least one drink in my hand.  I gave her $5 as she thanked me and took the money out of my hand.   My change came up to $3.60.  Opportunity!  I said, “wow, that’s exactly what I had to do with my life just a few years ago.”  I was referring to making a 360 degree change in my life, or a complete turnaround when I gave my life back to Christ.  Well, the cashier looked at me, took a deep breath, smiled, and said have a nice day.  I don’t know if she got the message, but I pray that she receives the correct change.  Amen.


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