Poetry: To Us

Photo:  S Bess
Photo: S Bess


To Us


My spirit is heavy as a rock,

My stomach is full with a thousand thorns

My throat burns like a furnace and

My eyes are as red as the sun at dawn

But none is greater than my quest for a spiritual revival,

Oh where are the days when God walked among men?

Could they be gone forever?

In the beginning, yes! The beginning, God sat and talked in the company of his beloved

The heaven doors once opened to men and they ascended even before Jacobs’ ladder

Oh where are the days when God walked among men?

Shall it be like that in the end as is written in Revelation?

Shall all God’s children hold his hands as they “walk in fields of gold”?

Or is heaven spread upon the earth, but my temporal being forbids me to see it!

Like Saul, I don’t see Him in my Dreams nor hear a word from his prophets

21st Century, the age that debunk the prophets with scientific theories of atoms and quantum physics, mapping the chart of human history in a Petri dish

I beseech you to remember when you once walked with God before coming into being

Like an enfant to his mother’s breast, I long to remember, so I baptized myself again in the Word hoping that my tabula rosa recalls the days when I walked with God

Someday I will walk with Him again; someday I will walk beside Him and Him by my side in “fields of gold”.

© Patricia K. Rogers 2009


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