A hymn of Ambrose

Ambrose of Milan1



Make of all things, God most high,

Great ruler of the starry sky,

Who, robbing day with beauteous light,

Hast clothed in soft repose the night,


That sleep may wearied limbs restore,

And fit for toil and use once more,

May gently soothe the careworn breast,

 And lull our anxious griefs to rest


We thank thee for the day that‘s gone

We pray thee for the night come on

O help us sinners as we raise

To thee our votive hymn of praise.


From every carnal passion free

O may our hearts repose in thee!

Nor envious fiend, with harmful snare,

Our rest with sinful terrors share.


Christ with the Father ever one,

Spirit!  The Father and the Son,

God over all, the might sway,

Shield us, great Trinity, we pray.


Source:  Eerdmans’ Handbook to the History of Christianity, Lion Publishing 1977


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