Joseph DeGraft-Amanfu: A Second Chance

Photo source: S.Bess

A second chance.  Haven’t we all asked for this at some point in our lives?  We asked as children when we wanted to convince our parents that we could make mature decisions; we’ve asked the police officer on duty after he or she has pulled us over for a traffic violation; Finally, some of us asked our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for that second chance when we gave our lives over to Him on that faithful day — The day that we acknowledged that He died for us on Calvary for our sins. 

Joseph DeGraft-Amanfu, Pastor of the Maryland based Anointed Church of God, and President of the web-based Preach the Gospel 2 All,  knows this too well.  For over twenty years, he has worked as a missionary in the United States, Europe, and Africa telling all about the goodness of God.  Pastor DeGraft has now taking his missionary work to the next level.  In 2008, Pastor DeGraft published his first book, A Second Chance.  A Second Chance gives readers a scriptural, step-by-step guide on how to achieve everlasting life.  It starts by explaining the origins of sin and why the world is in the state that it is in; again, this is all according to the scripture.  Then, Pastor DeGraft explains how we can be saved and how all of our sins can be washed away.  God is so good.

A Second Chance
Photo source: S.Bess

A Second Chance is a great book for anyone who desires or has considered giving their life to Christ.  It’s also great for the more mature Christian who wants to share the word of God in his or her community or the mission field.  For more information on this book and upcoming books by Pastor Joseph DeGraft-Amanfu, please visit the website:   Preach the Gospel 2 All.  Please help us spread the word of Truth.


2 thoughts on “Joseph DeGraft-Amanfu: A Second Chance

  1. Yes, we all need a second chance. Thank you for introducing us to Pastor Joseph DeGraft-Amanfu and his book. I will definitely check it out.

    Many people who are seeking God need to understand the gift and mercy He offers. Mature Christians sometime need reminders when they’re in the midst of turmoil or when they’re involved in outreach to others.

    May God bless this pastor and you, Stephen, his wonderful friend.

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