7 or 8 things I Love about Me

Baba Notes has just it’s first blog award!  This is exciting!  The Award is called The Faithful Servant Award; that’s beautiful because that is what I strive to be everday — a faithful servant.  I was just tagged by my new blog friend, Minister Diane L. Harris.  She has been very supportive and I truly thank her.  May God continue to do great things in her ministry.  Now, I have the task of naming 7 or 8 things I love about me (in no particular order):

Faithful Servant Award






1.  I love that loving is not difficult for me.  It hasn’t always been easy (in my past dating life) in the romantic sense of the word, but just loving someone comes easy.

2.  I love that I love my family.  Once I find out that we are family (biologically or in Christ) I get excited and I genuinely want to know more about you as a person.

3.  I love that I am a man of my word.  If I tell you that I’m going to do something then I do it. If I don’t then call me on it. 

4.  I love that I can easily express my feelings.

5.  I love that people generally see me as a person who loves peace.  I also love that it’s not a facade.

6.  I love my appreciation for the arts.  This includes:  music (classic soul, Jazz, Gospel, etc.), spoken word, art (painting, sculpture, etc.), and plays.

7.  I love my desire to fellowship, understand, and share the word of God.  It’s growing and expanding.  I hope that God will allow me to carry His message to the world.

8.  Finally, I love that “…I have decided to follow Jesus — no turning back, no turning back.”  Peace~

This meme is open to all.  I need to reach out to new friends.  I have some over from Morphological Confetti, so it’s a start.  Are you up for it?  Also, I can’t forget my family at Preach the Gospel 2 All.  Thanks again for this award.  Peace~


6 thoughts on “7 or 8 things I Love about Me

  1. Stephen,

    I enjoyed reading what you love about yourself. I especially enjoyed reading that you see no way to turn back from Christ. Expressions of love for Him always bring joy to my heart.

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