Pray for the Children of Haiti

Photo Source: APP

Today, a school collapsed in Haiti trapping and an undetermined amount of children and adults.  Reports say that there were roughly 500 people inside the building at the time it collapsed.  The current death toll is 30 and climbing.  Emergency personnel are not able to get to possible survivors as quickly as they would like because they do not have the proper equipment to dig them out — they are using their hands.  Dear Lord hear the prayers of your people.  Please say a prayer for the children who are still trapped in the rubble.


5 thoughts on “Pray for the Children of Haiti

  1. Oh Stephen, this made the news here, very fast after it happened. I was listening to the radio news and waiting for the additional info “was caused by an earthquake/landslide etc…” only I didn’t hear this. The school building had just collapsed?

    Sending love, and care, and prayer, and hope over to Haiti and the families.

  2. Eric-
    Thank you, brother. Give thanks. The finally sent over help from the states, but the death toll has climbed to about 88 or so. God have mercy on the survivors.

    Yes, my heart went out as soon as I heard. I join with you in love, care, and prayer.

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