Jesus will take care of you~Cornerstone Baptist Church

This is a young man at my home church in Williamston, NC. My wife and I always enjoy attending service whenever we make that trip to North Carolina. I always look forward to hearing him sing. He takes me back to when church was CHURCH;  so, let the church say…Amen!


8 thoughts on “Jesus will take care of you~Cornerstone Baptist Church

  1. I’m astonished by these good vibrations.
    This really makes you feel in touch with the lord.

    Just listen to what they sing in italian churches…

  2. Fabrizio-
    Yes, there’s a big difference. The video I showed is my own church, but it is very typical of black churches in North America, Caribbean, and Africa — very spirited. It really does make one feel close to God because of the level of worship.

  3. Sincere thanks for this – the energy level is incredible. A far cry from the Anglican Church of NZ services I grew up with. Yet I do appreciate and love the English “change style” bell ringing and choral music.

    Singing for sheer joy of faith.

  4. Well, as long as it is all singing praises to Him. I used to avoid certain types of Christian music until I really listened to the words. The melody continues to become less important. I guess there is a time for the melody and the words, but the most important element is the Word. Thanks for stopping in Michelle!

  5. I stayed with one of my mother’s brothers in town in the middle sixties and I do believe that church was right near where my uncle stayed. I remember that church had good vibrations coming out of that church on Sundays and just listening to that man sing bought back memories when people were really having church and really enjoying it. My Aunt Lucy Brown went to that church. My mother was born and raised in Williamston and my father was born and raised in Everetts and he spent some of his childhood in Robersonville.

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